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Starting your day with a healthy drink can ensure an energetic and productive day.

Studies show that people who take up green or black tea as their early morning drinks are found to healthier than the people who give with regular milk tea.

The team behind Mangal Chay Ghar Pvt. Ltd. are a bunch of tea-enthusiasts who have a legacy that few can claim – they all belong to the land of tea. Which means, they intrinsically know what good tea tastes like. He ensures a seamless experience for the customers while taking care of marketing & business development.

Best Quality Tea and Other

   Because tea isn’t a drink, it’s a lifestyle.


the goodness of chai, the Indian beverage on a table. At Mangal chay ghar we keep the prices affordable. To maintain hygiene, we serve chai in Kulhad and cup.


Kesar Tea

the goodness of  kesar chai,  At Mangal chay ghar we keep the best quality. To maintain hygiene, we serve kesar chai in Kulhad and cup.



the goodness of Coffee, At mangal chay ghar We maintain best quality coffee.

lemon tea

Mangal chai ghar make lemon tea. we maintain quality in lemon tea for health.

What is Making Healthy Tea so Popular?

we believe that tea preparation is a serious culinary art. We take the same amount of efforts to prepare our best quality chay as an expert chef takes to prepare various delicacies. Since the entire family is involved in this business, each and every person has been given clear-cut responsibilities. From hygiene to the quality of tea powder, the balance of ingredients to the amount of sugar, everything is dealt with precision and perfection. To ensure authenticity,

we prepare our own chai masalas. No wonder you experience the same heavenly taste at any franchisee of Mangal Chay Ghar Pvt. Ltd..

What Client Say About Mangal Chay Ghar Pvt. Ltd.

Chai is good
Always crowded
Located on prime location
Must visit with friends for chai lovers

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